Three Team Compositions That Overwatch Hero Moira Can Work With

Overwatch hero Moira
Overwatch hero Moira

It shouldn’t be too long now before Blizzard patches in Overwatch hero Moira to the live servers. With her stable healing and damage output, she might make for a popular contender in competitive season 7. Here are some team compositions she can work well with.

Triple Tank

The infamous triple tank meta dominated season 3, but it seems like not many players liked it very much. Nonetheless, Overwatch hero Moira would make a perfect addition to this team composition. Couple Ana’s Biotic Grenade with Moira’s Biotic Orbs and you will have enough healing for three tanks. Not to mention that she can even heal multiple targets with her primary fire, assuming the target are within range.


The dive composition is still pretty popular and Moira can easily fill in a healer role. She can toss her Biotic Grenades to any flankers, like Genji or Winston, while she moves in to give them more healing. Moreover, her Fade ability has some good mobility. It also has a sense of unpredictability to it, often catching other heroes off guard. Lastly, her ultimate ability has great range, meaning she can support her team from a safe distance during team fights. It wouldn’t be too surprising if Moira becomes a popular pick in this competitive season.


Overwatch hero Moira also works pretty well with Deathball compositions. With her allies stacked together, she can provide a steady stream of healing with her spray. While the other heroes protect her, she can also drain energy from other heroes from a safe distance. Her Biotic Orbs will also work pretty well if her team is clumped together. Her damage output and healing would make for some pretty interesting combos.

You can play as Moira by downloading the latest Overwatch PTR patch. Blizzard hasn’t confirmed when she will hit the live servers, but look out for her this week.


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