Blizzard has been teasing the new Overwatch hero before her release

Overwatch hero
Overwatch hero

While Moira might have just been released at BlizzCon 2017, it seems like Blizzard had been teasing the Overwatch hero. The developers have left certain clues in a map that links to her inclusion in the game’s universe.

Research paper

For those who don’t know, Moira stays at Oasis where she does all of her research and experiments. After the Blackwatch incident, the scientific collective decided to aid her research. However, she is also working with Talon behind the scenes. One important factor in her lore is that she writes research papers, specifically about genetic structures.

One Redditor discovered a paper is Oasis titled, “Repairing Degenerative Genetic Structures” with a sticky note that had the word “DRAFT” on it. Since Moira has been working on a paper, this research should belong to her.

An old friend

Another possible reference is a conversation between Sombra and Reaper in Oasis. Another Redditor has posted the full conversation:

Sombra: So what are we doing here boss?

Reaper: I need to pay a visit to a friend

That said, Reaper and Overwatch hero Moira are actually acquainted with each other as Blackwatch offered to support her experiments after her peers rejected her research. It only makes sense that the friend he is referring to could be none other than the new Support hero.

Moira is an interesting hero in that she is an evil support character. Fans have been clamoring for a different take on a healer, and it seems like Blizzard has finally delivered. Unlike other heroes in her category, Moira must drain energy with her Biotic Grasp’s Decay to heal her allies. She also has a long ranged attack that can either heal or hurt foes.

Blizzard hasn’t announced when the new Overwatch hero will come to the PTR, but fans should probably keep their eyes peeled this week.


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