Three Heroes That Work Well with Overwatch Hero Moira

Overwatch hero Moira
Overwatch hero Moira

Overwatch hero Moira is the latest character to join Blizzard’s first-person shooter game. Here are some heroes that work well with the new Support hero.


A fellow Support hero, Ana can make another great healer alongside Moira. Since the geneticist is a frontline healer, Ana can cover her and the rest of the team from behind. Moreover, Ana’s biotic Grenade adds an additional 50 percent healing buff for a few short seconds. Couple this with Moira’s Biotic Orbs and you should have the team back to full health in no time.

Similarly, the sniper can chuck her grenade at the enemy while Moira saps their health, ensuring that her target won’t be able to get healed. The two make a fine pair and we will probably see more of them in the current competitive season.


This Tank hero is a literal moving barrier with his large shield. Since Overwatch hero Moira needs to heal enemies to restore her healing gauge, she can hide behind his big shield during engagements. Her Decay has a long grasp that can hook far enemies, making her safe from the skirmish. While this concept might also work with Orisa, Reinhardt can move his barrier around the field, adjust for Moira.


Another Support hero Moira can work with, Symmetra’s beams have a solid slowing effect that can stun her targets. The geneticist can take advantage of these short moments by either draining their health or throwing a Decay orb. Alternatively, Symmetra and Moira can both use the double microwave technique with their primary fire. There is nothing worse than being fried by two heroes with the same lock on ability.

Overwatch hero Moira is now available to play on the Overwatch PTR. Blizzard hasn’t revealed when she will be launching on the live servers, but she could arrive later this week.


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