Three Overwatch Moira counters that can take down the support hero

Overwatch Hero Moira Isn’t Nerfed, Blizzard Speaks out on the Issue
Overwatch Hero Moira Isn’t Nerfed, Blizzard Speaks out on the Issue

The latest Support hero is now on the PTR for testing, and while she isn’t the most powerful character, the geneticist can be quite annoying to deal with. That said, here are some Overwatch Moira counters to help you deal with the hero.


One of the Overwatch Moira counters is another fellow Support hero that can greatly block her abilities. As a healer, Moira’s main kit revolves around restoring health and keeping her allies topped up. If Ana lobs her Biotic Grenade at the enemy, Moira will not be able to keep up the healing. Also, since Ana is getting a damage buff, she can take down the geneticist in three hits from afar. Alternatively, it also seems like the two Support heroes can also work well together in a proper team composition.


Flankers are a Support character’s worst nightmare, and the same principles apply with Moira. Despite her auto aiming Decay beam, she probably won’t be able to dish out enough damage to take out Genji in a 1v1 situation. That said, he can also reflect her Biotic Orbs, making it quite a hassle if you’re trying to damage the enemy team or heal a far ally. When a Genji is around, Moira should try her best to stay by her team.


Another one of the Overwatch Moira counters is the Korean tank, D.Va. Since D.Va also technically acts as a flanker, she can easily destroy Moira in a 1v1 situation. If the Support hero has a slight chance of taking down a Genji, D.Va’s are a different story because of their large health pool and intense firepower. Another annoying trait D.Va has is her Defense Matrix that can absorb Moira’s Biotic Orbs. As a tank D.Va will almost always be near the frontlines, making it easy for her to absorb both kinds of her projectiles.


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