Beginner PUBG Looting Tips to Help You Grab the Items You Need

PUBG Looting Tips For Beginner
PUBG Looting Tips For Beginner

Looting is essential in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as your survival mostly depends on your equipment. Here are some PUBG looting tips to help you grab the items you need.

Pick a proper drop point

One of the most important PUBG looting tips is figuring out where you are going to land before the game starts. Your location determines how many things you can loot and if you have competition. If you want to play a bit safe, try landing on buildings away from the plane’s direction. If you want some competition for good loot, try dropping near landmarks.

 Check the doors and windows

Say you successfully find a landing point and loot the items in the area. You might have scored a shotgun and a sidearm, but you still need healing items. For that, you will need to switch locations and find a different building to loot. That doesn’t mean you should just be entering buildings as you never know if someone might be waiting inside.

Instead, make sure that the doors aren’t open and the windows are still intact. If not, there’s a good chance that somebody has ransacked the house or is still looting inside. If you are feeling a bit brave, you can go in and score a kill.

Move around

Another one of the most important PUBG tips is making sure you don’t sit still while looting, especially in an open field. You never know who might have a scope and is aiming at you from afar. Staying still leaves you as an easy target, so go ahead and wiggle around as your pick up items. That said, you should also be wary if someone might be around the corner, waiting to kill you and steal your items.

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