Beginner PUBG tips to help you survive the battlefield

Beginner PUBG tips to help you survive the battlefield
Beginner PUBG tips to help you survive the battlefield

Playerunknown’s Battleground has become quite the popular game since it launched as an Early Access title this year. That said, the game might feel a bit overwhelming for newcomers. Here are a few PUBG tips to help you kickstart your way into the game.

Beware the blue circle

While there are plenty of players you have to look out for, PUBG also includes some pretty nasty environmental hazards in the game. The deadliest hazard has to be the blue circle. This dangerous field will close in every few minutes to push players onward to the white play zone.

If you stay in one place too long, there’s no doubt that the circle will get to you. If you’re outside the play zone, the blue circle will sap your health until you die. Always check your location on your map and monitor where the circle is. This is one of the most important PUBG tips and keys to staying alive.

Loot fast

Looting is one of the core features in PUBG as you will need good equipment to stay alive. However, loot too long and you will become an easy target. You can choose to loot individual items using F, but use the Shift + Right Click method to collect items faster.

Use your ears

Sight is important, but PUBG is extremely sensitive when it comes to sound. Footsteps make all the difference, especially when inside a house. If an enemy is upstairs and you’re stomping around below, they will hear you. That said, be smart when camping out and make as minimal sounds as possible when waiting for an enemy.

Mind the red circle

Another one of the most important PUBG tips is learning what the red circle means. These are extremely dangerous locations that are filled with explosives. If you dip around the field in a red zone, there’s a good chance you will blow up. However, staying inside a house will keep you safe.

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