China Finally Lifts Controversial PUBG Ban, but with a Twist

china pubg ban twist
china pubg ban twist

The recent PUBG ban is China became quite an issue a few weeks back. Interestingly enough, the country finally allowed netizens to play the game, but only after tweaking it.

China lifts controversial PUBG ban

There’s no denying the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds popularity as it has won over plenty fans over the past few months. So when China issued a strange ban because the game failed to align with their “socialist core values,” players were obviously shocked. Now, however, it seems like the country is a bit more open to the game.

According to Engadget, local publisher Tencent will be bringing the game over to the country, but with a twist. They will be making any necessary adjustments to make sure PUBG falls in line with the country’s core values, moral rules, and “Chinese traditional culture.”

That said, Bluehole claimed that China’s Tencent will help improve the game’s “back-end infrastructure.” The localization will also help provide “guidance” to underage players. Whatever the case, it seems like players in China will at least be able to try the game.

Cheater problem

Bluehole also mentioned that their partnership with Tencent will help enable a fairer ecosystem for the game. They will be able to work on anti-cheat software, which is what the game heavily needs at the moment. As it stands, there are still many cheaters in the game.

Bluehole stated that they are already trying to work on countermeasures against these types of players. They have already banned a good amount of players and are working on other countermeasures. There have been instances of cheaters playing with their co-cheaters after a recent PUBG patch.

With the PUBG ban now lifted, there’s no doubt that the game will continue to rise in popularity. Those who want to play the game can get an Early Access copy on Steam.


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