ESL hosting major PUBG tournament next month in California

PUBG tournament

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has become such a major hit that various organizations have been holding competitions for the game. Despite being an Early Access title, it seems to be stepping up in the esports scene. In line with this, the ESL has organized a major PUBG tournament for next month.

Major PUBG Tournament

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds fans should be excited to hear about its major competition being held in a large stadium down in Oakland, California from Nov. 18-19. A total of 20 teams will battle for the chance of winning $200,000. These contestants will range from both the NA & EU regions and will compete in front of thousands of fans.

As for the fights itself, 80 pro players will be competing in eight matches. Similarly, fans will be able to watch each battle and learn some tips and tricks from the strategy sessions from the analysts in the event. The winning team will take the crown after two days of non-stop action!

Pro players in the PUBG tournament

So far, the ESL has invited 12 teams to participate: TSM, Team Liquid, Luminosity, Noble, Cloud9, Alliance, NIP, GCE, Method Gaming, EG, Penta Sports, and Tempo Storm. Moreover, there will be four additional teams that will compete depending on the results of the online qualifiers.

The tournament format will play out in a Squad FPP (first-person perspective) which contains four players in a single team. Teams will earn points depending on their finishing position and the winners will be decided depending on the final point score after all of the eight matches. The first four fights of the will take place on Nov. 18. Meanwhile, the second half will take place the following day.

Here’s the PUBG tournament prize pool:




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