New PUBG Map Screenshots Reveal More of the Upcoming Desert Map

New PUBG Map Screenshots Reveal More of the Upcoming Desert Map
New PUBG Map Screenshots Reveal More of the Upcoming Desert Map

Bluehas has teased the upcoming PUBG map and it looks like what you would expect it to be. Instead of dense fog and clear sunsets, players will have to duke it out in a barren wasteland.

Desolate PUBG map

As the developers previously revealed, the new map is going to be a desert-themed. While we are still waiting on when it will hit the live servers, Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene teased what players can look forward to in the new arena. The stunning images reveal a completely new area that makes for a perfect combat zone.

That said, the new map will feature more than dirt and sand as it offers a wide variety of environments to play in. While there might not be any large bodies of water, players can expect some small rivers to move around in. There are also dense urban areas with large buildings and other run-down houses and shacks.

Future updates

The upcoming desert map is one of the two new areas that are still under development. They haven’t revealed what the second battleground looks like, so fans will have to keep waiting for now. The desert map, on the other hand, was originally meant to launch on the test servers last week. However, Bluehole had to push it back due to quality concerns. The same can also be said for the highly-anticipated climbing and vaulting features.

While it would be nice to have these new mechanics in the game before the live version this December, it seems like Bluehole will be holding them back for now. Nevertheless, fans won’t have to wait too long before they can play the final product.

You can play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the PC as an Early Access title. Follow Fexpect for more news on the upcoming PUBG map and future additions to the game.


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