PUBG ban imminent in China as game is too violent and ‘harms mental health’

PUBG ban in China

Playerunknown’s Battleground has become quite the popular game since it launched as an Early Access title. However, not all countries seem to be pleased with the game. China might be holding a PUBG ban because of the game’s content.

PUBG ban in China

According to a recent Bloomberg report, PUBG’s last-person standing, battle royale-esque themes might be too much for the people in China. Supposedly all of these action-packed content deviates from the country’s “socialist core values and traditional Chinese culture and ethical norms.” Because of this, Bluehole might have the face a PUBG ban in the said country.

Because of these, the Chinese content watchdog claims that PUBG isn’t good for both the physical and mental health of young consumers.  Moreover, the watchdog even recommended domestic game companies to avoid and not advocate games like PUBG.

Keep in mind that PUBG isn’t the type of game kids or young teenagers would play. The battle royale title is geared towards more mature audiences, hence why it sounds a bit strange to why the Chinese content watchdog would bring up the younger fanbase in gaming.

Test servers

In other news, the PUBG test servers will be getting new content this week. Fans can now finally climb and vault over fences and the like. The new feature allows for a more seamless transition when running and escaping. While many fans considered the obstacles as frustrating, they claimed that these new features are “game-changing.”

Similarly, Bluehole will also be testing a more dangerous blue zone. With this, they hope to encourage more firefights instead of players waiting out for each other. These changes are slated to arrive on the test servers soon, but it seems like fans will have to wait a while before it all goes live. As for the PUBG ban, fans will have to wait for more news about that.



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