Nearly 100,000 PUBG Bans Were Issued over the past Weekend

PUBG bans
PUBG bans

The PUBG bans are real as the game’s anti-cheat company has confirmed that they penalized nearly 100,000 players over the past weekend. The developers are taking cheaters seriously, making sure they receive their punishment

Plenty of PUBG bans

Nobody likes cheaters, especially in games like PUBG. These players take advantage of others by using external software that gives them an unfair advantage. Things like aimbots and wallhacks can really take away the fun. With rampant cheaters, the game could easily lose its current popularity. Luckily, it seems like the developers are not giving in to these players.

Just recently, the game’s anti-cheat company, BattlEye, tweeted that they have banned nearly 100,000 PUBG accounts over the past weekend. There are currently 700,000 penalized accounts and it doesn’t seem like their fight for a fair gaming environment is over yet. “That being said, fighting cheaters will always remain WIP and never be solved completely,” they claimed, “especially in the most popular Battle Royale game.”

New anti-cheat system?

Similarly, it seems like the PUBG developers might also be working on their own countermeasures for the game. They also issued an apology a few days back about the whole situation, promising fans that they are “adopting new tools” to identify hackers and cheaters.

That said, PUBG cheaters have recently started complaining online about long load times. They claimed that when they did end up finding a game, they were up against their fellow cheaters. Moreover, these cheaters expressed their outrage over such “unfair” situations. However, this method might not completely act as a permanent fix for cheaters. Nonetheless, it’s great to see them getting a taste of their own medicine.

Fans will probably see more PUBG bans as the game inches closer to its official release date next month. For now, you can play the Early Access title on PC now.


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