PUBG blue zone becomes even deadlier next week on the test servers

PUBG blue zone new update

There are many environmental hazards in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds that can easily kill players. That said, Bluehole will be testing a much deadlier PUBG blue zone next week.

PUBG blue zone update

One of PUBG’s most defining features is its closing arena. Players only have a few minutes to grab their gear and begin running towards the white circle. If they don’t reach it in time, the deadly blue zone will catch up to them and slowly decrease their health. As if it wasn’t deadly enough, Bluehole had some other ideas in mind.

In a recent Steam post, they wrote that the new update will allow players to “focus more on the immediate, close-ranged skirmishes inside the play zone” rather than having to deal with enemies outside of the play zone during the late phases of the fight. They hope to collect some information on these changes that will be heading to the test server early next week.

Climbing and Vaulting

Aside from the PUBG blue zone update, Bluehole will finally include climbing and vaulting to the game next week. These changes should make it easier for players to keep their momentum while running through residential areas. Here, players won’t have to time their jump before leaping across a short fence.

While the game is slated to release before the end of the year, these new changes won’t be coming to the live servers until the full release. The developers explained the arduous process of merging these changes while fixing bugs and other features in the process. Moreover, Bluehole must also address the rampant cheating issues in the game. Thankfully, the game’s anti-cheating program has banned over 25,000 players over the past 24 hours.

Fans can try out the new PUBG blue zone and other features next week once it arrives on the test server. Those who want to play can try the Early Access game on the PC.


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