PUBG Cheaters Angered over Being Matched with Other Cheaters

Interesting counter against PUBG cheaters
Interesting counter against PUBG cheaters

PUBG cheaters have been ruining the experience for everyone with their unfair advantage in the game. Bluehole has been combating these players and has even begun pitting them against each other.

Interesting counter against PUBG cheaters

Nobody likes cheaters, especially when it comes to multiplayer games. When everyone is trying to play fairly, there are several others who want to win so badly that they install software that give them an upper hand. It can be extremely frustrating to fight them in PUBG, so Bluehole has been working on their own countermeasures.

The developers recently mentioned that they patched in a new feature to detect cheaters. They also added some “additional measures” to deal with these players, and it’s pretty hilarious. In a recent Reddit post, the cheaters in the game are frustrated over the surprisingly long load times. Once they eventually enter a match, they find themselves head-to-head against other cheaters. While Bluehole didn’t confirm this as a fix to the problem, it’s nice seeing cheaters getting a taste of their own medicine.

Continuing the fight

It doesn’t seem like Bluehole is stopping here as the game still has an abundance of cheaters. They will continue their fight against players who ruin the gaming experience in the future, although they haven’t explained how. Bluehole previously apologized to fans for the rampant issues but assured that they are trying to work on a fix for it.

That said, they continue to ban waves of players who insist on cheating. Just recently, they banned more than 80,000 cheaters which only seems to be the tip of the cheating community. Nevertheless, it’s assuring to see that they are taking matters seriously. With the game approaching its official launch date, PUBG cheaters are the last thing players want to worry about. You can still pick up a copy of the game as an Easly Access title on Steam now.


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