PUBG Climbing and Vaulting Provide Some Interesting Tactics and Gameplay

pubg climbing vaulting gameplay
pubg climbing vaulting gameplay

PUBG climbing and vaulting have finally made its way to the game’s test server and fans are loving it. Despite being a seemingly simple feature, it adds a whole lot of depth in terms of strategy and gameplay.

PUBG climbing and vaulting: flanking

Flanking is a staple feature when it comes to first-person shooter games as players often use this technique to catch their foes off guard. It might seem a bit difficult at times to corner enemies in PUBG, but the recent update finally allows for some more stealthier action.

One YouTuber uploaded a video of him sneaking through one of the small windows in a house, successfully infiltrating the inside. Players wouldn’t normally be able to do this, especially if the enemies inside are aware of their presence. Climbing and vaulting just add a new element of surprise to keep every player on their toes. Take note that players might not be able to fit their whole body through such a small window, but the possibility is still there.

PUBG climbing and vaulting: positioning

Positioning is another big issue when it comes to games like these. Players have to find the perfect spot when it comes to hiding or taking down enemies from afar. With vaulting, players can now climb up on boxes to get to high ground. One streamer managed to make use of the annoying crates in the warehouse to find a good sniping position.

With enough creativity and game sense, good players can take advantage of the recent patch. That said, Bluehole might end up tweaking it before it hits the live servers to prevent any broken gameplay. Those who want to try out the new features can download the latest test server patch. PUBG is available to play as an Early Access title on the PC. The final version is slated to launch sometime next month.


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