PUBG Datamining Reveals the Upcoming Desert Area’s Minimap

PUBG Datamining Reveals the Upcoming Desert Area’s Minimap
PUBG Datamining Reveals the Upcoming Desert Area’s Minimap

Netizens have been going over the latest PlayerUnknown’s Battleground test server patch that brought in some cool new features, that said the PUBG datamining process eventually led to discovering a minimap of the upcoming desert battlefield.

PUBG datamining results

Fans are looking forward to the latest PUBG 1.0 patch to hit the live servers. For now, you can try it on the test server where fans can now climb and vault. That said, some players have been looking into the data to see if they can pull up any new hints of future content. That said, one Redditor managed to pull up a minimap of the upcoming desert area.

This map shows off all of the locations and even the names of certain areas. Some interesting locations include Bareback, Dirtbag, Murderland, and Zombie. Since the map is only a few weeks away, it seems like everything in this minimap could be the final. As expected, there isn’t much water in the area except for Crossroads. However, we still might get a new water vehicle soon.

Desert map minimap from PUBATTLEGROUNDS


The game’s creative director has also shared several screenshots of the upcoming map. Despite being a barren desert, there seems to be a lot to look forward to. While they haven’t confirmed any new land vehicles, here is hoping we get some kind of new 4×4 car.

The 1.0 update also finally brings in the climbing and vaulting features that let players explore the area more easily. The developers are also looking into more “realistic” gunfights in the test server, so that’s something to look forward to. As for more PUBG datamining content, it seems like fans are still trying to comb through the latest patch.

You can get a copy of PUBG on Steam while it’s still an Early Access title. Bluehole plans to release the official version next month.


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