Recent PUBG Leaks Reveals New Vehicles and Weapon

PUBG leaks New map Desert
PUBG leaks New map Desert

The latest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds test server patch is now live and players have been going through the data. Interestingly enough, there are some new PUBG leaks on some of the new items coming to the game.

PUBG leaks for the new map?

PUBG has become quite the popular game since it launched earlier this year. Despite being an Early Access title, the fanbase quickly grew along with its content. Bluehole continues to add new things to the game, as evident by the recent fog map. That said, they have also patched in the highly-awaited vaulting and climbing patch that contains some interesting bits of information.

According to PC Gamer, one Redditor managed to dig through the content and pull up a pickup-truck, jet ski, and a new gun called the DP-28. All of the items still look a bit rough and are basically just raw assets. While this is no confirmation that the items will be in the game, creative director Brendan Greene previously mentioned that they are working on new vehicles.

New update

While the developers haven’t said much about these new items, fans are making the most out of the climbing and vaulting features. With this, fans have more exploring and escape options on the island. Instead of having to time awkward jumps, players can now actually climb fences instead.

Bluehole has also been testing some new ballistics features to make fights a bit more realistic. They aim to mimic real guns in terms of velocity and other similar aspects, making for more “real” gunfights. Take note that these ballistics factors aren’t set in stone as they are still on the test server.

You can play PUBG on the PC as an Early Access title, but the official version will launch next month. Follow Fexpect for more news on the PUBG leaks.


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