PUBG PS4 release date can potentially be delayed. Here’s why…

PUBG PS4 has now been met with a slap in the face....

A PUBG PS4 release date was bound to be announced soon, but it seems that Bluehole studios has other plans in store…

PUBG PS4 can be delayed:

Bluehole Studios are known to be the developers of the massive hit FPS Battle Royale game PUBG. They released the game for PC and Xbox One during early access. And told us that pushing the release date for the PS4 next year due to an exclusive deal with Microsoft. Now, since the year is close to the end, PS4 owners were deliberately waiting for a release date, but it seems there’s some bad news for them.

Bloomberg, a journalist website, was informed by a Microsoft spokesperson as a response to a question that the team is currently focusing on optimizing the game for PC and Xbox One, and has no plans to announce the game on PS4 soon. That’s a bummer. And you know what? This could be a really big sale pitcher for PS4, considering how popular the game is nowadays.

Bluehole won’t increase the price of the title:

Also, the developers also told that they aren’t planning to increase the price of the game at any point. “That could change, but from what we’ve talked about internally, we want to keep the same price”, said the creator of the title, Brendan Green. He said that $30 is a good price for a game with such appeal.

“We’re happy. $30 is a good price for what you’re getting, and this is a game that could last for five or ten years. You’re buying into something bigger than just a year-long game.”

What is PUBG?

In case you don’t know, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a competitive Battle Royale game. It drops 100 players on a single island with only one goal, be the last person standing. Players must gather supplies, weapons and armor in order to eliminate their enemies. The best part is that the area gets smaller from time to time, increasing chances of player encounters.


  1. I saw the post on facebook welcoming ideas.
    I reckon in the new map a train that goes around or through the map would be awesome ….. some how incorporate a function of hopping on. A train dual would be immense while helping others run from that dreaded blue circle. Could also be used as a tactic of cutting others players off from chasing you down.

    Also i think i have seen a night map picture that would be awesome too.


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