Blue Hole Studios apologize for PUBG Server issues


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been soaring into the skies recently, and has even surpassed Dota 2, setting an all-time record for the highest player count for a single PvP AAA game. However, since a few weeks ago, people started experiencing connectivity issues and login errors, and ultimately, it evolved into a bigger problem.

This week, many people, potentially thousands, can’t even log into the game, let alone connect to the server for a match, which has sparked a lot of heat among the game’s main steam page, which you can see if you scroll down to the reviews section. Regarding this, the development team has officially reached out to the community to tell that they are trying their best to fix the issues.

“First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for the recent server issues which resulted in long waits and any inconveniences, our development team has been continuously upgrading the service architecture to address the increasing concurrent player numbers and tackle any emerging issues.”

“Despite our daily efforts, there were some unexpected issues during peak times and we were unable to resolve some of the issues as fast as we would have wanted to”, the team said.

If you look at it that way, it wasn’t the developer’s fault either. The main reason is that the developers couldn’t anticipate the amount of players during the early access period, thus they signed up for a server that could handle almost 1 million concurrent players. However, the game blew up in terms of popularity, reaching a new peak of 1.7 million online players at a time just two days ago.

“It has become increasingly difficult to manage servers during peak times,” Blue hole, the company that developed PUBG, said. “To alleviate the above, our development team will prepare our servers far more in advance so that they can handle a much larger number of concurrent players.”

“This is something that we plan to continuously improve on. Please rest assured that we have doubled our efforts to improve the quality of the service. On a side note, we have been continuously working on optimization and doing our best to make gradual improvements.”


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