PUBG surprises in store as game reaches a new milestone

pubg surprises new milestone
pubg surprises new milestone

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has become one of the most popular games that launched earlier this year. It seems like the developers have some big PUBG surprises in store after it reached another milestone.

Millions of players

There’s no denying the popularity behind Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. The game has been trending on Steam despite being an Early Access title. Moreover, Microsoft is now the official publisher of the game as it will be ported over to the Xbox One X.

That said, Playerunknown recently tweeted the game’s latest milestone: reaching 20 million players. He claimed that although some fans are frustrated with the ongoing issues, the team is trying their best to fix and continuously improve the game. He also mentioned that “change is coming,” hinting at potential PUBG surprises in store.

The game reached 16 million players back in mid-October, so it’s surprising to see how quickly the fanbase is growing. While the game is far from perfect, the team really is trying their best to release more content and punish cheaters.

Future updates

Similarly, players are still waiting for the climbing and vaulting patch. These changes should make it easier for players to explore the island and move around. While the features were meant to be patched in last week, Bluehole had to hold it off due to quality concerns.

There is also a new desert map that is just as large as the other maps in the game. While it might not have enough water, there are several streams and rivers. Similarly, there will also be smaller watercrafts to help players travel over these rivers.

It also seems like PUBG will be taking cheaters much more seriously with their anti-cheating patch. For now, fans will just have to keep waiting for other future PUBG surprises. You can try the game now on Steam while it’s still Early Access.


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