PUBG Test Server Patches in Climbing and Vaulting Alongside Other Changes

pubg test server climbing vaulting
pubg test server climbing vaulting

After a slight delay, Bluehole will finally be bringing over climbing and vaulting to the PUBG test server tonight. Fans will be able to test out the new feature that allows for more streamlined movement when exploring the map.

The highly-awaited PUBG test server update

Bluehole initially announced the climbing and vaulting features earlier this year. This mechanic allowed fans to climb fences and gates, making for smoother escapes or exploration in the field. While many fans were looking forward to playing this on the test server, the developers had to pull it back due to quality concerns. They posted the official schedule on the Steam forums:

Test schedule

  • PST: November 13th 06:00 PM – November 14th 06:00 PM
  • CET: November 14th 03:00 AM – November 15th 03:00 AM
  • KST: November 14th 11:00 AM – November 15th 11:00 AM

Region & Modes

  • NA SOLO First-person / Third-person
  • ASIA SOLO First-person / Third-person

New features

That said, the developers added two new features to this patch. Firstly, they plan to rehaul the ballistics. They plan to make weapons and projectiles act a bit more realistic this time around, adding new elements like trajectory curve and velocity over time.

This should make fights feel more real, and ultimately, fair. As this is still on the test server, none of these changes are actually final. Bluehole will still go over the data and experiment with what works and what doesn’t, so keep that in mind when you play.

Secondly, the also added in the climbing and vaulting features. You won’t have to perfectly time your jump to head over a fence anymore, and moving around should be a bit less time-consuming.

You can download the latest patch once it hits the PUBG test server soon. The game will be leaving Early Access later this month and will be ported over to the Xbox One X.


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