The PUBG frying pan weapon was never meant to be bulletproof, says creator

Pan PUBG Weapon

There are plenty of deadly weapons in Playerunknown’s Battleground that can give you an edge in battle. One strange PUBG weapon is the frying pan, a melee item that is surprisingly bulletproof. That said, the frying pan wasn’t actually meant to block incoming bullets.

Iconic PUBG Weapon

In the battlefield, having a good weapon can make all the difference. Usually, players will try to find a shotgun and a sniper rifle to take down foes. On the other hand, most players usually avoid melee weapons since they are pretty much useful during firefights. In spite of this, it’s actually worth carrying around a frying pan with you because it’s bulletproof.

Turns out that the developers never meant to turn the cooking utensil into a shield. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, creator Brendan Greene stated that they wanted to make it so the frying pan could swat away grenades. When they actually patched it in, they weren’t aware that the changes made it over to the live server. Moreover, the grande-swatting frying pan could also deflect bullets. That said, it seems like they are keeping the bulletproof frying pan in the live servers.

Dangerous blue zone

In other news, the PUBG test servers will be getting an update next week. The dangerous blue zone will become even deadlier, forcing more players to be on the move and encouraging more firefights. During a recent Steam post, the new update plans to push for more “immediate, close-ranged skirmishes inside the play zone.”

The blue zone is a deadly force in the game that can easily wipe out players if they aren’t careful One could argue that staying outside the play zone is stronger than any PUBG weapon. The only way to survive is to stay inside the white circle. Make sure you stay stocked up on energy drinks when the update arrives on the test server.



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