Two New PUBG Weapons Are Now Available in the Game’s Test Server

PUBG weapons
PUBG weapons

It seems like Bluehole has a few more surprises in store before they officially launch the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 1.0 update. They have confirmed that two new PUBG weapons are now available on the test server.

Deadly PUBG weapons

It’s been a while since the developers have added any new weapons to the game. While they are working on the new map, they have brought over two new guns to the test server. The first one is the DP-28, a light machine gun that relies on 7.62 mm. This weapon also holds 47 rounds and you can easily find it as a loot drop all over the island. It’s also worth noting that is can use the red dot sight and 4x scope as an attachment.

The second weapon, on the other hand, is the AUG A3 assault rifle. This gun uses 5.56 mm and comes with a 30-round magazine. If you use an extended mag, it can hold up to 40 rounds. The developers also noted that the gun has a high rate of fire and muzzle velocity, but low vertical recoil.

Future content

In line with this, the developers are also looking into releasing more content in the near future. They have been teasing the desert map recently which is slated to arrive soon. Fans have been datamining the latest test server patch and came across some interesting updates. They were able to dig up the minimap and a few other weapons and vehicles.

Similarly, Bluehole is also trying to look for a way to reduce the number of cheaters. They are working on various countermeasures, like pitting all of them in a game together.

They haven’t revealed when these PUBG weapons will come to the live servers now or during the 1.0 update. You can play PUBG as an Early Access title on Steam now. Follow Fexpect for more PUBG news and updates!


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